Poetry Slam 2: Ducks

I intend to give a line by line break down explaining this poem tomorrow, but for now here is my poem entitled Ducks.




Ducks, we do not speak of them,

For foe of beavers they have always been.


And if they were the only thing we didn’t speak about, it wouldn’t be so bad,

But the topics that rest in silence are enough to drive me mad!

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Free Resource: Caring and Coping

Caring and Coping: A Caregiver’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease is a publication of the National Parkinson’s Foundation. I however, consider it an essential resource for every caregiver, no matter what condition their loved one may have. In almost all cases, if you were to replace the words “Parkinson’s disease” with whatever condition your loved one has, it will still work for your situation. (Links at the bottom of this post) Continue reading “Free Resource: Caring and Coping”

You Might be a Caregiver if…

You might be a caregiver if –


Your mother knows which room is hers because of the frog in front of it.


You’ve ever prayed the bank wouldn’t ask too many questions, for all the right reasons.


Your mother refers to one of the parts on her sewing machine as “the sexy”.

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Their Daily Bread

Appetite can decrease for all sorts of reasons as we age (Or even when we don’t age, I myself have an even worse appetite than my mom, due to some of my health problems). While we  may not be able to fix problems such as a slow, or small stomach; poor swallowing reflex; or a lack of sense of smell: there are other things we can do to make food more enticing- Continue reading “Their Daily Bread”