Blood Test Results

The blood test came back negative so it’s most likely not cancer 😀. So hopefully I will be having  a nice easy laparoscopic surgery soon. Which means this blog will return to its regularly scheduled programming of dementia craziness, with occasional interruptions to whine about my own health – so really things will stay exactly as they are now!

Hope your live is going great right now, and remember you are doing the best you can.

Author: CW Daniels

Hi, I'm CW Daniels! I'm a family caregiver to my mother HS Daniels who has dementia. I also have some major health challenges of my own. Making the pieces of my life fit together is a challenge and I don't always get it right (Okay, so I almost never get it right!) but I'm figuring it out and learning my lessons along the way (and collecting quite a few resources and ideas while I'm at it). Join me on my journey of frustration, faith, and fun.

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