Poetry Slam: Mute

Today I may be having surgery so I decided to post this. I’m not really sure I want anyone else to see this poem but I figured that​ if I don’t make it through today than you will know where I am, and that if I do come through this than you will know how I feel. I can’t decide which one of those two things is more important.




I am mute

I am mad


No words of Thanksgiving can be found

My vocabulary insufficient to describe this indignation


My hands are thrown up in frustration

Today​ I lower them without uttering a single syllable of praise

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Poetry Slam 2: Ducks

I intend to give a line by line break down explaining this poem tomorrow, but for now here is my poem entitled Ducks.




Ducks, we do not speak of them,

For foe of beavers they have always been.


And if they were the only thing we didn’t speak about, it wouldn’t be so bad,

But the topics that rest in silence are enough to drive me mad!

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