If I Can Only Have One Thing I’m so Glad it’s Not My Health

I’ve been posting a lot of complaining on here lately, so today I decided to post what I’m grateful for. But first things first, my surgery has been scheduled (assuming insurance approves it) for the 26th. I would appreciate prayers for insurance approving the surgery and that it would be nice and simple. That everything would go well.


Now for the gratitude part-


I have the greatest friends in the entire world


Friends who pray for me


Friends who listen to me vent


Friends who drive me to the hospital


Friends who will go sit with my mom when I’m sick


Friends who take me to drs appointments​


Friends who offer me a nonexistent spare bedroom


Friends who haul me back and forth to my mom’s


Friends who will yell at drs for me


Friends who will talk politely to drs for me, even when their heads are about to explode


Friends who will tell me I’m wrong


Friends who will hold my hand when I’m scared


Friends who are willing to risk me riding in their car when I’m nauseous (those are true friends people!)


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the plot of my life stinks, but I couldn’t wish for a better cast of characters to experience it with.


People who say at least I have my health don’t know what they are missing
You Guys Rock!

Author: CW Daniels

Hi, I'm CW Daniels! I'm a family caregiver to my mother HS Daniels who has dementia. I also have some major health challenges of my own. Making the pieces of my life fit together is a challenge and I don't always get it right (Okay, so I almost never get it right!) but I'm figuring it out and learning my lessons along the way (and collecting quite a few resources and ideas while I'm at it). Join me on my journey of frustration, faith, and fun.

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