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Reality Check: Mine and Mom’s


Since the only people reading this blog at the moment are people I know, and since I’m sending my friends here for updates; here is a post that lays out exactly what’s ​going on

First the things my mom knows:


– That I have an ovarian cyst


– That I’ll be having surgery on the 26th


– That it will most likely be a nice simple surgery, similar to what she’s had (I’m intentionally leaving her with the impression that it’s a simple cyst, like she had when she was younger)


– Mom’s upset with my Dr for not making me better already


So that is what Mom knows, now here is what I know:


– What I most likely have is called an ovarian mucinous cystadenoma, which is technically a tumor. I do Not use the word tumor in front of my mom.


– My surgery on the 26th is dependent on insurance approval


– Because of how complex my health is I need to coordinate multiple DR’s in addition to the surgeon: my SLP, my Neurologist, my primary, and my sleep Dr.


– I am scheduled for laproscopic exploratory surgery, the surgeon won’t know whether or not this will be an open procedure until I’m on the table.


– I have my pre-op appointment on the 18th


– The surgery will be in Ellensburg


– I don’t know how long I will be in the hospital. It will probably be a minimum of one night given my other health issues


– If the cyst were to rupture that would be dangerous. I’ve been told that by my surgeon and two nurses so far. A rupture is most likely to happen during surgery, if it’s going to happen at all.


– I’m nauseated most of the time right now


– Mom’s lonely; and upset with the surgeon.


– There are a lot of questions people ask that I don’t like to answer in front of Mom


– I’m pretty comfortable answering any question otherwise, so if you have any, leave them in the comments section or send me an email


So there’s the current situation. Prayer is always appreciated.

Author: CW Daniels

Hi, I'm CW Daniels! I'm a family caregiver to my mother HS Daniels who has dementia. I also have some major health challenges of my own. Making the pieces of my life fit together is a challenge and I don't always get it right (Okay, so I almost never get it right!) but I'm figuring it out and learning my lessons along the way (and collecting quite a few resources and ideas while I'm at it). Join me on my journey of frustration, faith, and fun.

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