Quick Update

Had my appointments today, here’s what was decided –

Primary doctor – he feels that everything that isn’t easily explained by Parkinson’s or hormones is probably leftover effects of anaesthesia. He wants to see me back in a week and in the meantime recommend trying melatonin for insomnia and contacting my neurologist.

Surgeon – was extremely impressed with how fast my incision is healing (my body better do something right). He started me on .25 milligram of estrogen, recommending I take a double dose today, half as soon as I returned home, which I did. Still right at 7pm, just like the past few days, I got extremely light-headed. No mood swings yet though. We also discovered my weight is down to 107 – 9 pounds less than my first visit with the surgeon 3 weeks ago. I’m​ supposed to see him again in two weeks.

I sure hope something we’re trying works.

– CW